Coffee Common. No sugar.

Coffee Common brings together world-class baristas and roasters with shared values, to create unique experiences that introduce people to the nuanced joys of exceptional coffee. We believe that great coffee is, at its best, a collaboration of an empowered coffee farmer, an artisan coffee roaster, a dedicated barista, and an enlightened consumer. We believe that great coffee requires study, experimentation, craftsmanship, and humility. These diverse roasters and baristas, who by most definitions would be considered competitors, come together as a community to proselytize the simple truths around coffee. We look forward to pouring you a cup of the most complex and extraordinary beverage in the world.

Collaboration is the new competition. 
Coffee Common unites under the COMMON banner, the world’s first collaborative brand. We exist as a platform for participation, not membership. We believe that collaboration can be an act that promotes global economic prosperity, social parity, cultural exchange, and culinary expression. Each Coffee Common event will be unique to its location, creating new opportunities for an evolving group of roasters and baristas to take part and engage with diverse segments of the public.

Coffee is a wonder.
A tiny cup holds more aromatics than any other food or beverage we consume. It’s a foodstuff that traces its origin back to a single place – the forests of Southwestern Ethiopia – not far from where the human species itself evolved. The story of its cultivation and spread is the story of European colonialism – yet the destruction of that system was driven by ideas hatched in the coffeehouse and driven by commerce in coffee itself.

What you taste may be surprising.
The coffees we use are selected in collaboration with coffee roasters who are well known for breaking the paradigm of coffee tradition and working directly with farmers to grow sublime coffee and emphasize sustainable farming and fair trade. Expect flavors you may never have experienced in a coffee beverage – a fragrance of flowers, a taste that reminds you that coffee is the seed of a tropical fruit. Each cup is made one at a time, reflecting the hand-craft that has gone into every stage of these coffees’ creation: hand-picking, hand-sorting, and hand-roasting.

Storied coffees with exceptional flavors. 
The baristas understand and are eager to share the details of each coffee – whether it was sourced in a particularly interesting way, especially crafted for flavor, or is the product of an exciting sustainable agricultural model. The baristas love nothing more than engaging with you, the last link in a chain of great coffee that starts in a farm in the tropics. This tradition of exchanging information over coffee is as old as coffee itself and the engagement between barista and consumer is a link that leads to the coffee fields of Northern Sumatra, or to the villages of Southern Ethiopia, or to an indigenous community in Peru.

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