January 6th, 2012

Coffee Common’s First Public Event in North America to be at
A Startup Store in Chelsea

Thursday January 19th – Sunday January 22

From January 19th through 22nd, a selection of the world’s best baristas will gather in Chelsea to make delicious coffee and help people understand how they can too. Demand for quality coffee is on the rise, but a market filled with strange devices and alien vernacular can sometimes be intimidating. Luckily its easier than ever to find great coffees and to help you navigate all of this, Coffee Common has assembled crew of local and international baristas seeking to distill it all down so each attendee walks away equipped with the fundamentals of delicious coffee. In addition to engaging demo stations, baristas will be on hand to answer any questions, whilst serving some of the best coffees currently available from around the country. The entrance fee is $5 per a person, per a visit, to experience, learn, taste and sip some of the most amazing coffees! Tickets are available online or available on site.

Coffee Common’s NYC event will be located at A Startup Store - a new story-based retail concept located in Chelsea at 144 Tenth Avenue at 19th street. Developed by Rachel Shechtman, this new venture opened weeks ago with rave reviews. Shechtman’s vision and concept is a retail environment that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like gallery, and sells things like a store. The store will reinvent itself every 4-6 weeks, changing all merchandise, décor and event programming. The store is currently in beta, and will launch officially on February 1st announcing its permanent store name and debuting a shopping exhibition called LOVE.

Coffee Common’s NYC event is unique to its Manhattan location, creating new opportunities for an evolving group of roasters and baristas to take part and engage with diverse segments of the public. In addition, a myriad of local and international brands have partnered to amplify and augment this experience. A Startup Store will be broadcasting Coffee Common in Google+ hangouts throughout the duration of the exhibition; Breville will be giving away some of its latest home brewing equipment. In addition, partners such as GiltCity and Skillshare will be offering special Coffee Common events on their sites.

A Startup Store is located at 144 Tenth Avenue on the southeast corner at 19th street

Coffee Common event hours:
Thursday, Jan 19th 11 - 6pm
Friday, Jan 20th 11 – 7pm
Saturday, Jan 21st 11 – 6pm
Sunday, Jan 22nd11 – 6pm

[photo credit: Stefan Georgi]

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