February 28th, 2012

Baratza brings the burr to TED.


When we aren’t brewing espresso and cappuccinos on a beautiful La Marzocco, we’re brewing filter coffee with a Hario V60, Chemex or AeroPress throughout the day.  To keep us as efficient, consistenty, (and quiet) as possible, Baratza has equipped our bars with their flagship Vario-W, which not only grinds consistently, but weighs each dose so we don’t need to.

We can preset up to 3 dose weights at one time for our various brew methods and keep the hoppers full (thanks to hopper extenders) to minimize efficiency between each brew. The efficiency and grind particle size consistency makes them the perfect addition to our bars.  They’re also a piece of equipment any dedicated coffee aficionado could have in their home.

Thanks to Baratza for their continuing support of Coffee Common and pushing grinder technology forward. 

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