March 2nd, 2012

Google Garage Bar

This year at TED2012 one of our bars was inside the Google Garage, built by Boxman Studios using shipping containers. Behind the green roll-up door was the most interactive bar we’ve had to-date at a TED event.

At this bar, TEDsters could request any coffee on any brew methods, including Hario V60, Hario Woodneck, Chemex, or AeroPress. We also had a La Marzocco GS3 (single group espresso machine) on bar for espresso and an Uberboiler for our hot water.

What made this bar unique was that TEDsters were invited to step behind the bar and learn to brew coffee themselves, practice steaming milk, and even pull shots of espresso for their fellow TED attendees. All week, the other bars would send eager guests to the Google Garage for hands-on learning and complimentary bags of their favorite coffees.

For those who missed our master class at the beginning of the week, this was a great opportunity to continue putting the kettles and portafilters into the hands of those interested in taking their home coffee brewing and their understanding of the craft to the next level.

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