March 2nd, 2012

Let the milk flow


We serve a lot of coffee during our week at TED2012, but we also serve a lot of creamy, delicious cappuccinos. The better the milk, the better the taste—and the organic milk from grass fed cows that Clover Organic help provide is some of the finest a barista can get in California. That milk, paired well with the espresso we were serving, added a sweetness to the profile to ensure that additional sugar wasn’t needed.

Clover Organic Farms


The only other option besides whole milk was soy, which was provided to us by Pacific Natural Foods to meet the dietary needs of the lactose-free. Soy milk can add new variables for baristas trying to provide the same enjoyable texture in their cappuccinos, but Barista Series Soy Blenders is a specific formula to help baristas do the best they can.

Pacific Natural Foods

Thanks to both Clover and Pacific Foods for their support of Coffee Common at TED2012 and TED Active 2012.

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