June 16th, 2011

Almost 3 months ago we united a team of international baristas and roasters as Coffee Common to engage and serve a spectacular audience at TED2011. During our radio silence, we’ve been busy balancing day jobs, barista competitions, and personal lives with the intention to move Coffee Common forward in the best way possible, not the fastest.

As we began planning our first public event for the end of this summer, staff from TEDGlobal approached us with a proposition we couldn’t refuse. After considering our goals for Coffee Common—to introduce and share the joys of exceptional coffee with people through unique experiences—we realized just how well they align with those of TED. Working together at TEDGlobal in July will not only bring the Coffee Common message and experience to an international audience, but also one that has gathered specifically for the purpose of challenging their preconceptions and learning something new.

TEDGlobal will be taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland for the first time and it is the only other event organized by TED aside from the primary, annual Long Beach conference. We’re honored to be the exclusive coffee representation for both events and have the knowledge and craft of coffee, as we understand it, be considered just as relevant as the other conversations taking place at TED.

Following our debut at Long Beach, we are being given even greater opportunities to engage with the audience at TEDGlobal. Not only will we be serving delicious, carefully-sourced coffees, and the stories behind them, but we’ve been given nearly 2-hours on the schedule to develop and lead workshops with TEDGlobal participants. Each participating roaster will also have the opportunity to include samples of their coffee in the famous TED gift bags, which go home with every member of the audience.

Though this event won’t be open to the public, we plan on capturing and broadcasting as much as we can for everyone at home to enjoy. Ideally, we will compliment the TEDGlobal experience with an event that will be open to public participation. It will mirror some of the experiences we provide at TEDGlobal and take place the following weekend in London. (Stay tuned for more details)

Thank you for all your past support as we look ahead to new experiences and new friends in the UK.

Lastly, if you’re interested in working with us—sponsorship opportunities (we need generous in-kind sponsors, smallwares, cups and the like), providing coffee, working with us on TEDGlobal or other projects, please contact us.

TEDGlobal2011 / Coffee Common
Edinburgh, Scotland
July 11–15

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